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Efendi, Buhunrizade M. Itri

Buhurizade M. Itri Efendi(1640?-1711), Turkish poet, composer and performer of Turkish classical music. He was a very profilic composer with more than a thousand works. However, only about forty of them survived to this day.

Egk, Werner

Werner Egk(1901-1983), German conductor and composer, studied at Frankfurt and under Carl Orff in Munich, conducted Berlin Staatoper, and served as director of Berlin Hochschule fur Musik. He composed 7 operas, 5 ballet music and other music.

Egressy, Beni

Beni Egressy(1814-1851), Hungarian composer, librettist, translator and actor. He entered the stage in 1834 and in 1837 he became a member of the national theater in Prague. He was more notable for his acting rather than his compositions. He composed music for "The Szozat", a famous poem. This song later became the unofficial "second Hungarian national anthem" beside the Himnusz. He also wrote stage works.

Einstein, Albert

Albert Einstein(1879-1955), German of Jewsih etnicity Swiss-American theoretical physicist and philosopher, most influential and best known scientist and intellectual of all time.
Einstein was also a gifted musician-an accomplished violinist, he once said that had not been a scientist, he would have been a musician. He adored Mozart and worshipped Bach.

Eisler, Hanns

Hanns Eisler(1898-1962), German composer, he attended school in Vienna, but learned music by his own, then entered the Vienna Conservatory, lived in US(1938-48) and taught in New York and University of Southern California, returned to Berlin and taught at the Hochschule in Berlin. He composed stage works, film scores and orchestral music.

Elgar, Eduard

Sir Eduard Elgar(1857-1934), British composer, studied violin in Worchester at early age, he played violin with an orchestra. He received the honorable doctorate from Cambridge Universiy in 1900 and he was knighted in 1904. In 1905 he was appointed professor at the Birmingham University, later appointed conductor of the London Symphony. He composed 2 symphonies, concertos(violin, cello), orchestral music, stage works and chamber music. His best known piece is "Pomp and Circumstance".

Elisabeth, Queen

Queen Elisabeth of Bavaria(1876-1965), Queen Elisabeth of Belgium, the Queen Escort of Albert I of Belgium. She was raised with deep love of painting, music and sculpture. Because of her love of music and an accomplished violinist, the original Ysaye International Music Competition is now named after her as - "The Queen Elisabeth International Music competition" which holds every 4 years.
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Elisabeth, Queen

Eller, Heino

Heino Eller(1887-1970), Estonian composer, studied at Petrograd Conservatory and played violin in an orchestra. He taught at the Higher Music School in Tartu, appointed professor at the Tallinn Conservatory. He had great influence on Estonian composers. He composed 3 symphonies, violin fantasy and chamber music.

Elsner, Jozef

Jozef Elsner(1769-1854), Polish composer, teacher and music theoretician. He studied at the Gymnasiun and University in Breslau, conducted in Warsaw and Livov. He was also a music publisher, critic, teacher and founding several music schools. He composed 8 symphonies, string quartets and other chamber music.

Enesco, George

George Enesco(1881-1955), Romanian violinist, composer and conductor.

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Erkel, Ferenc

Ferenc Erkel(1810-1893), Hungarian composer and conductor, studied at the Pozsony Gymnasium, made his debut as opera conductor, then conducted the new Hungarian National Theater, and German Theater. He founded Hungarian opera with "Batori Maria"(1840), followed by his two greatest successes - Hunyadi Laszlo(1844) and Bank Ban(1861). His statute was placed in front of the new Hungarian Opera House of Budapest in 1884.
He composed the national anthem of Hungary.
His works include stage works and operas.

Erkin, Ulvi Cemal

Ulvi Cemal Erkin91906-1972), Turkish composer, one of the "The Turkish Five" who were the pioneer group of symphonic composers in Turkey. He studied at the Paris Conservatory with Boulanger and also at the Ecole normale de Musique, returned to Turkey and taught at the School of Musical Education. He composed concertino for piano and orchestra, paino pieces and orchestral music.

Ernesaks, Gustav

Gustav Ernesaks(1908-1993), Estonian composer and conductor. He played an integral role in the singing revolution and one of the father figures of the Estonian Song Festival tradition. Two of his songs became the unofficial anthems of Estonia during the Soviet occupation.

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Erosy, Mehmet Akif

Mehmet Akif Erosy(1873-1931), Turkish poet of Alabanian and Uzbek origin, Kosovo, author amd member of parliament. He wrote the lyrics of Turkish national anthem.
Turkish national anthem - music composed by Osman Zeki Unger(1880-1958), Turkish composer and violin virtuoso. He served as the first conductor of the Presidental Symphony Orchestra of Turkey, further helped establish the State Conservatory of Turkey.

Eslava, Miguel Hilarion

Miguel Hilarion Eslava(1807-1878), Spanish composer, studied composition at Calahorra, made director of the Royal Chapel in Madrid, appointed as professor at Madrid Conservatory, later director there. He composed 3 operas and sacred music. He is best known for sacred music and his 10-volume anthology of Spanish sacred music. His Spanish textbooks in harmony and counterpoint were long used.

Espadero, Nicolas Ruis

Nicolas Ruis Espadero(1832-1890), Cuban pianist, composer and piano teacher, learned to play piano from his mother at very young age despite his father's objection, later studied with Polish pianist Julian Fontata, a close friend of Chopin, who stayed in Havana for a year and half. He composed piano music(piano trio,scherzo, sonata), but none of his works were servived as of this day due to his life style.

Eysler, Edmond

Edmond Eysler(1874-1949), Austrian composer, studied composition with Fuchs, then taught piano and conducted theater orchestras. He composed 2 operas, 50 operettas, ballet music and songs. His operetta "Bruder Straubinger" was extremely successful.